HarperDB launches IoT solution that runs on the edge



Denver, Feb. 8, 2018: Startup HarperDB has announced its Internet of Things (IoT) solution, which it claimed was “the only Enterprise class database solution available to run on the edge.”

The announcement made on the HarperDB blog said,

We built HarperDB to empower IoT initiatives by tackling massive big data challenges with a solution, that leverages an HTAP model, to internalize complexities and simplify the process of ingestion to analytics.

The HarperDB IoT claims to eliminate the complexity of IoT projects with a “simple and secure database solution” that does not compromise scale and performance. The startup said it would help companies to gain deeper insights into their physical assets by directly collecting and analysing data from the edge in real-time.

HarperDB for IoT can be installed in any hardware due to its size, plus packs more functionality in less space,” said Karl Müdespacher, Chief Executive Officer and developer, Expertos en Sistemas, a leading information technology company. “The solution allows us to manage thousands of IoT devices, combining structured and unstructured data, while leaving HarperDB to handle versioning and concurrency.

Key features of HarperDB for IoT include:

  • Written in Node.js with a 65MB install footprint
  • Can be installed directly on an IoT Device
  • Stateless, so uses almost no CPU, RAM, or battery at rest
  • Distributed computing directly on the edge
  • Clustering and replication allows for distribution of queries and data loads across a network of devices or replication of data back to a single vertically scaled server for deeper analytics
  • Ingest high-velocity data for real-time reaction and value return

HarperDB is being used across industries such as logistics, healthcare, retail, among others. Major hospitals, for example, are installing HarperDB on micro-devices to track real time patient data with the goal of increasing resource utilization and improving quality of care.

Image Credit: HarperDB

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