‘Internet of Anything’ and wearables to be in top 10 tech trends in 2015

Leading computer membership organisation, the IEEE Computer Society today announced that the ‘Internet of Anything’ and wearables will be in the top 10 most important technology trends of 2015.

toptechtrendsIt said in a press release that cybersecurity in general would remain a critical concern, with increased focus on security for Cloud computing and deeply embedded devices. Interoperability and standards will be top priorities to unleash the potential of Software-defined Anything (SDx) and the Internet of Anything (IoA).

“Researchers have been working to address these issues for a number of years, however 2015 should see real progress in these areas,” said incoming IEEE Computer Society President Thomas Conte, an electrical and computer science professor at Georgia Tech.

Among the advances that IEEE Computer Society experts forecast:

1) The time is right for wearable devices: Both established players and small startups in 2015 will be actively involved in developing new devices, applications, and protocols for the wearable electronics market.

2) Internet of Anything will become all-encompassing: The reality that up to 26 billion things will be connected on the Internet by 2020 is sinking in. The Internet of Things and Internet of Everything in 2015 will morph into the Internet of Anything. IoA envisions a common software “ecosystem” capable of accommodating any and all sensor inputs, system states, operating conditions, and data contexts — an overarching “Internet Operating System.”

3) Building security into software design: As the volume of data explodes, along with the means to collect and analyze that information, building security into software design and balancing security and privacy are becoming top priorities.

4) Embedded Computing security will get added scrutiny: Deeply-embedded computing systems often perform extremely sensitive tasks, and in some cases, such as healthcare IT, these are lifesaving. Emerging deeply-embedded computing systems are prone to more serious or life-threatening malicious attacks. These call for revisiting traditional security mechanisms not only because of the new facets of threats and more adverse effects of breaches, but also due to the resource limitations of these often-battery-powered and extremely constrained computing systems.

To view the full list of IEEE Computer Society technology trends, visit http://www.computer.org/portal/web/membership/Top-10-Tech-Trends-in-2015.

Image Credit: IEEE Computer Society

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