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Telogis launches intelligence product for tracking heavy equipment

Location intelligence platform Telogis has introduced the Telogis for Heavy Equipment, as an industry-specific extension of its Cloud-based location intelligence platform. The new product will allow companies to have visibility into the location and status of all of their heavy equipment and assets.

Intel’s IoT Developer Program: Kit yourself up to develop and deploy devices

Intel’s IoT Developer Program offers a platform for enthusiasts to understand the way IoT works, by extending various tools such as kits, hackathons and other learning programmes, and is being seen as part of the overall attempt by the world’s most famous computer chip manufacturer to garner a share of this market for itself.

Smartphones will lead the way in IoT

Smartphones lead the list of top technology products owned and/or used, and both smartphones and Tablets rank among the top five devices used to connect to the Internet across all the countries, as per a survey by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA).

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