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The upcoming CES 2014 and the Internet of Things

Next week, the jamboree begins. Perhaps the biggest such show on earth, the International CES 2014 will be inaugurated on January 7. This time, one of the 5 biggest trends to be showcased here will be the Internet of Things. Here’s a curtain raiser on what is coming up.

Top 5 companies in the Internet of Things business to follow in 2014

Internet of Things

2014, in all probabilities, will be a watershed year in the field of the Internet of Things. IoT linked devices and services are expected to finally start making their way into the hands of consumers. But this year will also be big for IoT enterprise. Here’s a list of the 5 IoT companies one needs to track in 2014.

A discoverability engine comes online for Internet of Things called Thingful

A startup called Thingful, a “discoverability engine” that deals with the public Internet of Things just came online. It organises ‘things’ around locations and categories, and structures ownership around Twitter profiles, enabling citizens to discuss why and how they are using their devices and data. Think of Thingful as a public search engine that can be used to look for aspects of the IoT that are out in the public.

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