Telstra launches IoT narrowband service in Australia – CES 2018


Las Vegas, Jan. 12, 2018:  Telstra has launched an initial experiment in Australia that enables millions of devices to send small volumes of data at low power, allowing businesses to become connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Over narrowband, it can be used to connect any number of devices to the Net, from irrigation systems for commercial farming all the way to home pool filters.

Writing on the official blog, Robyn Denholm, Chief Operations Officer – Telstra, while talking of this new project said, “At Telstra we are already supporting IoT – we connect more than two million IoT devices over our mobile network today and we offer connected lights, cameras and motion sensors on the Telstra Smart Home platform. It is only early days though and we expect the number and variety of IoT devices and applications to explode in the years ahead.

This week we have announced that Narrowband IoT coverage is now available over Telstra’s mobile network in major Australian cities and many regional towns. This is in addition to the approximately three million square kilometres of Cat M1 IoT coverage we turned on in 2017.

We have long offered our customers Australia’s largest and fastest mobile network and now we have added the ability to support IoT devices, like sensors, trackers and alarms, that can sit inside machines and vehicles and reach deep inside buildings.

This means Telstra is the only carrier in Australia and one of the first carriers in the world to offer both Narrowband and Cat M1 IoT technologies.


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