VMware launches IoT infrastructure management solution

Palo Alto, May 15, 2017: Cloud computing software provider VMware has launched a secure, enterprise-grade Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure management solution called VMware Pulse IoT Center.

The company claimed this would give organisations “complete control” of their IoT infrastructure.

In a blog post, it said:

VMware Pulse IoT Center leverages VMware’s core expertise in device management, infrastructure analytics, security, and cloud management to enable organizations to reduce IoT complexity; increase the reliability and security of their IoT infrastructure, and get to ROI faster. It addresses the complex needs of IoT for both IT and OT teams and helps enterprises take control of their IoT by managing broader, operating smarter and more securely, and innovating faster.

One VMware Ecosystem for the Internet of Things

To implement an Internet of Things solution today customers often need to cobble together offerings from various vendors, with few standards and little guidance. They have to make decisions on sensors, edge systems, data analytics and storage solutions, network connectivity, application development and more.

To simplify matters and help customers address complex IoT use cases across multiple industries, VMware is forging IoT-related alliances with:

  • Server OEMs/Edge Systems

  • Embedded OEMs

  • Systems Integrators

  • Business Applications and Analytics

  • IoT Platform Vendors

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