Steve Job’s trusted lieutenant launches crowdfunding campaign for IoT projects kit

Marvell Technlogy Group Ltd has launched its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for ‘Kinoma Create’, the JavaScript-powered Internet of Things (IoT) construction kit that will help software developers become makers, and allow them to create projects with less hassle, and push out IoT prototype products even faster.

Creators of consumer electronics products, the Kinoma group is located within the  semiconductor giant Marvell. The latter had acquired Kinoma in 2010.

The project is spearheaded by QuickTime architect, ex-Apple programmer, and former trusted Steve Jobs lieutenant Peter Hoddie. The Group said Kinoma Create comes with the hardware needed to start creating connected consumer electronics and their companion apps. Kinoma Create integrates a power-efficient CPU; WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity; a capacitive touchscreen; and numerous input/output options for external sensors, LEDs, and input devices. All this is enclosed in a stylish, adaptable case to make the kit portable.

kinomalogoAlready, of the targetted goal of US $10,000, the guys have managed to raise over US $20k.

Kinoma Create has the Kinoma Platform Runtime (KPR) as the software running it. Using JavaScript and XML for programming makes KPR accessible to novice programmers, while its advanced architecture empowers professional programmers to deliver commercial products more easily, the company claimed in a written statement.
Kinoma Studio is the development environment for KPR, and includes the Kinoma Create simulator to speed development, a wireless debugger to eliminate cables, and application packagers for iOS and Android to build mobile apps with KPR that interact with Kinoma Create prototypes.
Early-adopters of Kinoma Create have been able to build interesting projects in just a few weeks, said Marvell, including the Ultimate Aquarium Controller, which was  a removable WiFi system for keeping check of temperature, power consumption, salinity, water level, light, and pumps of aquariums.
“Product engineers have been working on fragile development boards with complex embedded tools for too long. It’s time for a change. Kinoma Create is the next wave of hardware for developing consumer electronics,” commented Peter, who is also Marvell’s Kinoma Vice President, in a written statement. “We’ve rethought the developer experience from the outside in. Innovations in Kinoma Create’s case are just a hint at the software innovations inside. We’re launching Kinoma Create to help software developers, makers, and product prototypers bring their ideas to life.”
Check out this video:

Image Credit: Indiegogo/Kinoma
Video Credit: YouTube/Kinoma


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