T-Mobile launches US’ first narrowband IoT plan



Bellevue, Washington, Jan. 10, 2018:  US carrier T-Mobile today announced the nation’s first plan for narrowband IoT (NB-IoT). The plan, it said, takes advantage of narrowband technology, and the efficiency it provides, to significantly lower the costs of connecting things and unleash the next wave of IoT innovation.

T-Mobile also announced that the company has certified new NB-IoT modules from u-blox and Sierra Wireless for use on its network.

“The number of connected devices already outnumbers the worldwide population, and it’s only getting bigger. So, of course, T-Mobile is taking advantage of the latest IoT tech to make it simpler – and massively more affordable – for businesses and cities to connect things. Launching Narrowband IoT is a giant step toward 5G IoT.”- Mike Sievert, Chief Operating Officer,T-Mobile. “

Built on the 3GPP standard, NB-IoT is an LTE-Advanced technology. NB-IoT provides a pathway to 5G IoT and offers many comparable benefits like low power usage, long battery life and support for more connections per cell site. With NB-IoT, T-Mobile is laying the foundation for the future and giving customers peace of mind that their solutions are future proof.

T-Mobile’s new NB-IoT plan lights up new capabilities to connect massive numbers of devices with small and steady streams of data at low cost. NB-IoT is much more affordable than Cat-M and is already the globally-preferred standard to power the rapidly expanding world of IoT applications. Because it can operate in guard bands – the network equivalent of driving down the shoulders on the highway – NB-IoT carries data with greater efficiency and performance and doesn’t compete with other data traffic for network resources.

T-Mobile said it planned to support the full ecosystem of LTE technologies for IoT to meet the differing needs of customers.

Limited time offer; subject to change. Taxes and fees may be additional. Plan includes 10 single-packet transactions per hour at up to 64 Kbps, up to 12 MB. Full service payment due at activation; renew after 12 months or 12 MB. Coverage may not be available in some areas; roaming not available.

Image Credit: T-Mobile

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